The advantages of using QR codes are already widespread and vast over the internet, and if you don’t know what they are, read our blog where we have tips on using QR codes. However, some care is needed when using QR Codes, as they are not accepted everywhere or are simply not useful, and therefore, they should not be there.

Digital Media

Although QR Codes are part of technological innovation, they are not used in all types of technologies.

1. Do not use on websites

It seems a little contradictory, doesn’t it? But what would you do if you were browsing a website on your smartphone and came across the QR Code? The answer: nothing.
QR Codes need a camera to identify them and be read, and since most website visits are from devices such as smartphones, it is not possible for the camera of the cell phone itself to detect the QR Code that is being displayed on your screen .

QR Codes are always accompanied by references and links, so even if you are using the desktop computer, you would still have access to the QR Code targeting link, so using your smartphone is not necessary.
These are some simple reasons for not using QR Codes on websites.

2. Do not use on social networks

Just like the previous item, what would you do if you came across a QR Code on a Facebook post? The answer you already know.
It would make no sense for you to attach a QR Code in a location where it is not possible to scan it.
This item also applies to text messages and even emails.

Some physical products

One of the best ways to use QR Codes is through physical products, where we can simply point our cameras and read them, however, there are still some contradictions to this topic.

3. Clothes

I am sure that at some point you have seen someone wearing clothes with a printed QR Code, usually T-shirts from bank employees. And here comes the question: have you scanned? Certainly not.
Although it is tempting to use QR Codes printed on T-shirts, we have to consider two things: the first being that the fabric of the T-shirts folds too much, which makes the QR Code difficult to be detected by the cameras, and second that it is very inconvenient to take out your cell phone and go out pointing at people out of nowhere.

Camiseta QR Code

If you don’t know the tragic story of this photo, click here to read the blog.

4. Replace the barcode

It is possible to use only QR Codes instead of bar codes for label readings, however, QR Codes have more expensive readers and are reasonably less efficient in their readings for simple things that a bar code does, such as reading a price.
Did you know?
QR Codes can read large amounts of information, so while barcodes can read a simple price quickly, it is not possible to read along with it the name of the product, category, weight, manufacturer, supplier and even its image, on the contrary QR Code that can store all this information and many more.

It all depends on the need to use the codes. I recommend the article: 5 things the QR Code does and you didn’t know.


Although QR Codes make technological integration possible with the real world, some care is needed when linking them with things that do not make sense.

5. Alone

A rule of thumb for using QR Codes: don’t leave them unattended.
What does that mean? It means that it is not recommended to use QR Codes without following the link or address related to it, or else, without an explanation for it is there. For example, if you made a QR Code that directs to your website, write the website address next to it.
That is why we must imagine that not all people read QR Codes for different reasons, either because they do not have a QR Code reader or simply because they do not know how they work.

QR Code poste

How to create a QR Code?

This article is available on the website blog, which is a website specialized in creating QR Codes for free and simple.
To create your QR Code simply access the home page, choose the type of QR Code you want to create and also the address of that QR Code, and voila! Try it.