Advertising tips with QR Code

Did you know that QR Codes can help with your marketing campaign? It is possible through QR Codes to create attractive advertisements that attract people’s attention (and curiosity). See the 5 tips that we have separated for you.

Personal Marketing

We always want to stand out in the job market and we can take advantage of QR Codes to benefit our professional image.

1. Business Card

Do you have a business card? If your answer is yes, even though I am not a medium, I can safely guess that you have printed information like your phone, email and website.

Use QR Codes when printing your card to make it easier for people to contact you!
It is possible to create a QR Code for calling, another for sending e-mails and another QR Code to open your website on your customer’s device in a very simple way. Think about.

2. Resume/Curriculum

Just like the previous item, your resume has a lot of data about you such as phone, email and website.
With QR Codes you can simply place the image of the printed code next to each piece of information, making it easy to connect the curriculum evaluator with you.
With that in mind, there is the possibility of also including links to social networks, especially those that can add to your resume such as LinkedIn and GitHub, something that before it would be inconvenient to write on paper becomes smart scanned in a QR Code.


Linking QR Codes to your products or the way you advertise your business can positively influence the decision making of your current or potential customers.

3. Engagement

Another smart way to use QR Codes is to put them printed on advertising posters and pamphlets.
You can direct the person who scans the QR Code to your company’s main website or a link to a specific promotion.
This type of strategy can be decisive in making decisions for a customer who thinks about consuming your product.

4. Your products

You can include QR Codes on your product packaging. This is also used for correspondence or other types of services.
In a vocational school, where a friend of mine took a course, when making the monthly payment of the installments, there was a QR Code next to the receipt. This QR Code sent the student to the school’s news site. What did that cause? Well, when accessing the school’s news portal and seeing the events that happened there, students felt good about paying for knowing that in addition to the course, they are studying at a school that is constantly creating and innovating in educational events , besides being updating their news portal and not leaving the school with an air of “stuck in time”.
This feeling of well-being is one of the certainties that in the next month that student will return to continue paying.

5. Surprised curiosity

I came across it once, walking down the street, with a sign nailed to a pole where there was only one thing on it: a QR Code. There was no information like text or images, nothing but a QR Code. There was not even a “Scan me” thing.
As a mere mortal, and curious by nature, I pulled out my cell phone, opened the camera and scanned it. What appeared? The grocery store website next door with your products on sale!
Believe it or not, I crossed the street and bought three cans of beer that were super cheap.

QR Code poste


In 2019 I had an idea to publicize my oQR Code website at Brasil Game Show, the largest fair of game events in Latin America. For this, I made two white T-shirts with a QR Code printed on them, one for me to use and another for my friend who accompanied me. The intention was that through curiosity (as in tip 5) people would scan my shirt and get to know the site. Result: everything went wrong.
Right now you may be furious with me for giving you a tip that doesn’t work. The tip is sensational, the problem was my execution. I hadn’t noticed, but the day I bought the T-shirts the QR Codes had been printed backwards .
QR Codes can be read from all sides, I talk more about this here on the blog in the article How do QR Codes work?, however, a QR Code in reverse is more difficult to be read by the camera of a cell phone. Combining the difficulty of reading the reverse QR Code with the cloth of the T-shirt which, according to the movement of the body, creates several folds, the codes became impossible to be read, and the plan was a failure!
Here is my account of how not to use QR Codes.

How to create a QR Code?

This article is available on the website blog, which is a website specialized in creating QR Codes for free and simple.
To create your QR Code simply access the home page, choose the type of QR Code you want to create and also the address of that QR Code, and voila! Try it.

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