5 things QR Codes do and you didn’t know.

Nowadays QR Codes have become popular in several countries, however, there are several features for these codes that many people have no idea that are possible, and that you probably didn’t know too.

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Next to each item there is a QR Code made on the website oqrcode.com showing its use. If you are reading this article on your cell phone and cannot scan, just below the image you have the link or demonstration text of what you would display on your screen if you scanned.

1. As labels

You probably already know that the classic barcode can be used to read labels and display their price, or the name of the product, right? But did you know that the QR Code can also do this, but in a more advanced and complete way?
You can register tags with QR Codes that say the name of the product, its price, supplier, manufacturer, category, weight and even image!

NOME: Nike Air Zoom CATEGORIA: Tênis MARCA: Nike PREÇO: 369,00 IMAGEM: https://images.lojanike.com.br/1024×1024/produto/180556_1880110_20191226164357.jpg

2. Connect on Wi-Fi

Did you know that you can connect to Wi-Fi using the QR Code? And you don’t even need a password! Just point and you’re done, you’re connected.
Several commercial establishments should have already adhered to this type of technology. On the website oqrcode.com you can create your QR Code to connect to Wi-Fi in a very simple way.
Now when visitors ask for your Wi-Fi, just point to your QR Code on the wall!

To create your Wi-Fi connection QR Code, access: oqrcode.com, select the Wi-Fi option and enter: your network name, type of security (usually WPA) and password. Ready!

3. Download files

You can direct your QR Code to a file download URL.
One day I went to a new restaurant to buy food, and after the purchase, the owner of the establishment showed me a QR Code that was on the counter of the store, which when scanning was downloaded the application of the restaurant on my cell phone.
This is a quick alternative for customers, because if the owner of the restaurant simply told me “download our app on PlayStore, it’s called XYZ” I would certainly agree with her, go away and would never have remembered to look for it on the PlayStore and install it, either by forgetting me or by pure lack of interest.

4. It is customizable

Did you know that a QR Code can lose up to 30% of its information and still work? This means that you can sacrifice some black dots from your QR Code to insert your logo or some flashy image right in the middle of it and still keep working!
By the way, little black dots? QR Code readers do not differentiate between colors, they just need to know the color of the pixels that represent the information, so you can change your QR Code to any color you want!
But be careful, although it is highly customizable, it is not recommended that you do it, as it can make it difficult to read your QR Code and even confuse people about what it is about.

This QR Code leads to oqrcode.com


If you are a programmer and work with codes, know that you can also write small JSON files and make them available in QR Code to be interpreted in several possible ways. The advantage is that it is not necessary to host this on any website.

{name:”Jessica”,age:31,city:”New York”,male:false}

How to create a QR Code?

This article is available on the website oqrcode.com blog, which is a website specialized in creating QR Codes for free and simple.
To create your QR Code simply access the home page, choose the type of QR Code you want to create and also the address of that QR Code, and voila! Try it.

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Although QR Codes make technological integration possible with the real world, some care is needed when linking them with things that do not make sense.
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