5 QR Codes tips for teachers and students

QR Codes can help – and a lot – yours as a teacher and also a student, and you don’t need any kind of advanced computer knowledge for that, just follow the tips in this post and use the website oQR Code to create your own QR Code for free.


Being popular at school is a wish for every student, and QR Codes can help you increase your number of followers on social networks.

1. Get more followers

How to get everyone to have their contact at school? Make an QR Code!
You can create a QR Code, print it on a keychain and nail it in your backpack, or else print it on your school T-shirt.

Escola QR Code 1

2. School Mural

It is very common for schools to have some kind of public mural where students can preach post-it and newsletters in general. Why not a paper with a printed QR Code?
Many times we want to refer to a website or application and the most common way to do this is to write its link in full. This is no longer necessary, just create a QR Code of the type URL which, when scanning, will direct the person to the desired link easily.


Usefulness is the best definition of the use of QR Codes, and for teachers these simple codes can bring great comforts to the classroom.

3. Correction of school tests

Surely every teacher has already been irritated by the students’ constant questions: “have you already corrected the test?”

You can use the QR Codes printed on the students’ evaluation sheets, so that at the end of the evaluation, the students scan the code and have access to, for example, a page with the template of the test answers.
Student never pissing!

4. Easy slides

As if the tests were not enough, there is always that student “teacher, can you send me these slides later?”, But that ends now!
Create a QR Code with the download link for the slides that will be presented in the classroom and insert it right away on the initial slide of the class presentation.
Give students a few minutes to scan the QR Code so everyone will have access to the class slides!

QR Code conrado saud
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To school

In addition to teachers and students benefiting from the use of QR Codes, the school as a whole can also use them to create a more healthy environment by sharing technology.

5. Technological school

QR Codes allow easy access to links and information in a very simple and fast way on anyone’s cell phone.
Many schools work with schedules for teaching activities, events, championships, tours and others. Why not make this information available to students through a link in a QR Code?
The same goes for the availability of digital files such as documents, images, videos and links.

A QR Code printed on the wall of a busy place in the school is a great idea to perform these tasks.
Students are curious by nature, especially when it comes to technology, it will be a surprise for them to come across a surprise QR Code on the school walls.

How to create a QR Code?

This article is available on the website oqrcode.com blog, which is a website specialized in creating QR Codes for free and simple.
To create your QR Code simply access the home page, choose the type of QR Code you want to create and also the address of that QR Code, and voila! Try it.