5 people who innovated in the use of QR Codes

There are several utilities and ways to use QR Codes, and some people had super creative ideas when using them to market your product or brand. Meet now some that we separated for you.

1. Rick and Morty

Have you ever watched the Rick and Morty series?
One of the cartoon series that has attracted millions of viewers decided to play with the use of QR Codes.
In season 4 of the series, during episode 2 when Rick appears in an intergalactic combat scene, the character is wearing a funnel hat with a QR Code. In the scene, this QR Code is for the extraterrestrials to identify Rick as an ally, and the scene continues.
Nhowever, when scanning the hat’s QR Code, we are directed to the official sales page of the series to purchase the funnel hat exactly as shown in the episode.

Rick chapéu funil

2. TV Recipes

In the United States, a BBC television program called The Good Cook , where the presenter cooked various types of food, used QR Codes at the end of each dish, where when scanning this QR Code you were directed to the BBC website with all the recipe and preparation tips.

bbc qr code

3. QR Code on beer bottle

Genius is the only word that can define Case Harry’s, a bar located in Singapore.
In that bar, they put a tag with a QR Code on the beer bottles, where you would scan that QR Code and write a message, and then, buy another beer that would come with someone else’s QR Code, with the message that that other person wrote.
The bar doubled its sales in beer, apart from the number of onlookers who started to frequent the idea to see more closely this happening. Watch the video.

4. Glass always full

Taking advantage of the fact that we were talking about beer, why not comment on another great idea that Guinness beer had?
They made a glass that when it is empty has nothing much, however, when filling the glass with beer (or another drink) your hidden QR Code is revealed!
When this QR Code is scanned, it takes people to the establishment’s social network to check in.
The only problem with this idea is that because the beer is very light, it is difficult to scan. Guinness also emphasized that it would be better with black beer, however, as dark beer is not in the popular taste of many people, this idea did not popularize so much, but we must still agree that it was a good idea.

Cerveja QR Code Guinness

5. QR Code Pets

A store in a mall in Singapore decided to dress employees in QR Code costumes and let them walk down the walkways of the establishment, drawing the attention of everyone who passed by. If you were in that mall, wouldn’t you be attracted to scanning them?
This QR Code directed people to a page on the store’s website with the products that were on sale that day.

qr code tips

How to create a QR Code?

This article is available on the website oqrcode.com blog, which is a website specialized in creating QR Codes for free and simple.
To create your QR Code simply access the home page, choose the type of QR Code you want to create and also the address of that QR Code, and voila! Try it.

QR Code etiquetas


Although QR Codes make technological integration possible with the real world, some care is needed when linking them with things that do not make sense.
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